About Teglis

In his earlier years, our youngest son had an imaginary friend, Teglis. Teglis, however, was no ordinary imaginary friend. We all had to acknowledge his existence by celebrating his birthday (March 3), complete with his own place setting and cake. Birthdays weren't the only time Teglis joined us at the dinner table. Occasionally our son would abandon his bed and sleep on the floor for the night, so that Teglis could enjoy a bed for a change. The worst Teglis incident was trying to convince the customs and immigration officer that our son's name wasn't Teglis.

Teglis came with a slew of other "lis" imaginary friends: the Obeglis and Ocleglis pair, the mobility-challenged leglis (who would babysit Teglis when we all left without him), and, of course, Douglas.

Unfortuately, the years haven't been kind to the friendship. We don't feel the presence of Teglis as much as we used to. However, Teglis remains in our hearts and on this Web site.

Our son with Teglis