A Devitt Family

This page covers the genealogy of a number of families, who lived in eastern Ontario, Canada. Most of these families originated in Ireland, England and Scotland, and there are connections to other parts of Canada and the eastern United States.

This page started as an effort to post my own family's ancestry. I was hoping that there might be others out there who were related and we might be able to fill holes in each-other's family tree. To date, I've encountered only a small handful of distant relatives. However, I've heard from a large number of fascinating individuals and I enjoy receiving e-mail from people who may or may not be related.

If you have a family connection that might be relevant to the information presented here, or if you would like to contact us for more information, please send e-mail to I look forward to hearing from you. Note that I plan to make changes to these pages as more information becomes available. So, please check back here periodically.


The information here has been collected primarly by two people: Dr. James Devitt and Dr. Arthur Peart. I would like to thank them for their tireless efforts.


I'm discovering just how difficult it is to build a family tree from incomplete and often conflicting information. In some cases, information presented here is the result of some degree of conjecture.

I would be most interested in any corrections. If you have information that conflicts with anything presented here, please let me know. Also, if there are any names you would rather not see appearing in these pages, please contact me.

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Finding Individuals

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Richard Devitt

Last updated: 2001 Sep 15